What’s On at

MARS is delighted to announce a pop-up exhibition with Hill Smith Art Advisory at The Light Room.
Wed - Sat,
17 - 20 April
12pm - 9pm
ILA, the Centre for Immersive Light & Art, in partnership with the University of Adelaide’s ARC-funded research project ‘Rebooting the Muse: Post-COVID-19 sustainability in the performing arts’ invites you to the first of three workshops dedicated to dissecting the impact and future potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the creative sectors.
24 April
4pm - 6.30pm
A film 10,000 pixels wide. A mix of digital art and theatre that pushes the boundaries of audience experience. Brought to you by Richard Coburn and Justin Astbury, Anomalous is a film you have to be there to take part. Now extended due to popular demand.
Wed to Sat,
20 Mar - 26 Jun
Multiple Times
Immerse yourself into a state of calm and mindful awareness through gentle movement and meditation amidst 150sqm of LED screens
24 Feb - 27 Apr
10am - 11am