Immersive Mindful Movement


24 Feb - 27 Apr

10am - 11am

Immerse yourself into a state of calm and mindful awareness through gentle movement and meditation amidst 150sqm of LED screens

Guided by Clinical Psychologist / Mind & Body Educator / Trauma-informed Yoga teacher Annemarie Menne, learn how to calm your mind and nervous system, reinvigorate and connect back with your body through gentle movement, calming breathing exercises, applied mindfulness and guided meditation amidst huge life-like scenery at ILA’s The Light Room.

No prior yoga experience required, the movement component is not about bendy poses or touching your toes! There will be no headstands or handstands, and it will never be about what you or your body look like. There will be lots of options for participants to choose what feels right in their bodies.

Begin with information and education on body & mind, an outline of the session focus (e.g, “grounding”, “safety”, or “meeting self-doubt with compassion”), followed by a breathing practice. Finish with a gentle movement component of class for about 20-30 mins.

Please BYO yoga mat, and warm layers for relaxation / meditation

Tickets: $26


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