Journey to the Kingdom of Hypnos

Fri - Thurs

16 Feb - 22 Feb

7pm - 8pm

Enter the gloriously immersive world of our collective unconsciousness as part of Adelaide Fringe 2024.

The goddess of Memory takes you to the bottom of the Underworld to meet the King of Sleep. But beware! Oblivion may snatch you before you return…
An interactive  feast for the imagination featuring 360 sound design & visuals to envelope you.

This project draws heavily from the Orphic mystic tradition, features original music, and captivating 360 visuals of overlapping patron memories. It is a dynamic and evolving project honored to present alongside ILA as part of Adelaide Fringe 2024.

“sensuously realized” and walking ”… a delicate tightrope, giving just enough specifics to create a gorgeous world, but ambiguous enough to let you fill in the empty spaces with your own fancies and dreams.” – No Proscenium

Tickets: $30


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