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4 Jul - 21 Jul

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An experiment in digital life by Richard Coburn presented through mixed media works at The Light Room Gallery.

Our world has become digital.

It’s a metaverse with no physical location and yet it’s where we live with our hopes and dreams and, increasingly, our fears. With the rise of A.I. we are starting to question where we sit within this world.

Nothing captures the imagination like giving the unknown a form. When we anthropomorphise A.I. or a computer system/machine/bot, we heighten our response to what it can mean for us. It’s giving this world of digital data a sort of “Life” that changes our perception.

LIFE FORMS BETA is an exploration of this next stage of existence. The world of Digital Life.

It explores the anthropomorphising of data and patterns. It gives life to abstracts, or procedurally generated forms, and engages the imagination of the viewer to bring shapes alive. 

Experience Life Forms Beta at The Light Room Gallery throughout Illuminate Adelaide 2024.



About Richard Coburn

Richard is an award winning, multi-disciplinary creator who has had experience in creating high-end, moving image content for all types of screens and mediums. From mobiles to the sides of buildings, for web, tv and cinema audiences. His music video work for Hilltop Hoods, A.B. Original and Elsy Wameo (amongst others) has received numerous accolades including several nominations for best video at the ARIA and MTV awards. He has received awards for directing, animation and design, vfx and cinematography including several ACS Gold and Silver Awards for cinematography.

Richard has also received the AADC’s Master’s Chair twice for outstanding craft and the AADC’s President’s Award for outstanding contribution to the advertising and design industry. 

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