Paintings of Modernia

Wed - Sun

23 Feb - 16 Mar

12pm - Late

Created by Sam Kissajukian as part of Adelaide Fringe 2024.

A raw exhibition with a comedic bent that explores the ineffable mental states of a comedian turned artist. In 2021, during a 5-month bipolar manic episode, Sam created 300 paintings. Since then, he’s continued his practice, won several awards and has been invited to hold solo exhibitions at galleries and institutions, interstate and overseas.

Paintings of Modernia is free to view at The Light Room Gallery or can be explored in conjunction with Sam Kissajukian’s ticketed performance in The Light Room Studio, Museum of Modernia.

Museum of Modernia is not just a show; it’s an experience. It’s a celebration of the extraordinary and a deep dive into the mind of an artist. Witness Sam’s ambitious vision of an art museum that came to life during a manic episode. This once intangible dream, now brought to reality, showcases Sam’s resilience and creativity.

The Light Room Studio’s state-of-the-art 25m, 270-degree LED screen await to transport you into the Museum of Modernia. This immersive live performance is a first-of-its-kind adventure, offering a unique point-of-view journey into the depths of Sam’s imagination. Find out more and purchase your tickets here.


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