GlamAdelaide: Adelaide’s Newest Art Space The Light Room Gallery Opens

West End’s art and culture scene is about to get even better as Light ADL unveiled its newest addition, The Light Room Gallery. Nestled within their 150-year-old venue, this captivating space promises to be a hub for artistic talent in Adelaide.

“This versatile space can be transformed into a beautiful exhibition, like the one before you now, ‘An Illuminated Palette,’ or it can be an immersive canvas for the next artist or an immersive story that follows through to The Light Room Studio,” Nic Mercer, CEO of Light ADL, expressed the significance of this new space.

“We want to ensure this building, this community, this magnet for immersive creativity connects our events, hospitality and technology and it becomes a cultural institution. This city thrives on being surrounded by cultural institutions; and we love being part of that community; being a gateway and incubator for artists to reach new heights. To embrace the community and recognise creativity in economic prosperity for the city and state.”

The inaugural exhibition in The Light Room Gallery, “An Illuminated Palette,” curated by Hill Smith Art Advisory, explores the intricate relationship between light and artwork.


It delves into how artists masterfully create the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional canvas using colour, tone, and light to convey mood and atmosphere.

This captivating group exhibition showcases 16 highly accomplished artists, spanning various genres, including abstraction, landscape painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Emerging and mid-career artists with both South Australian and national profiles are celebrated in “An Illuminated Palette.”

“The word ‘illuminate’ suggests the use of light and the brilliance of colour in all its hues, making it a fitting choice for the exhibition title and focus,” Margo Hill-Smith of Hill Smith Art Advisory remarked.

Adelaide landscape painter Romany Mollison emphasised the importance of new venues for artists, saying, “New and exciting venues are not only vital for Adelaide’s art and culture scene but provide the chance for artists to reach new audiences and engage with each other.”

The Light Room Gallery is just one component of a three-part establishment that includes a bar, gallery, and studio.

Visitors can revel in an art exhibition, enjoy drinks at The Light Room Bar, and indulge in Mediterranean-style tapas curated by Light ADL’s Head Chef Sam Cooper.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Light ADL is dedicated to strengthening the cultural fabric of communities.

It reinvests profits generated through its events and hospitality to create opportunities for artists. With a mission to bring people together to share and experience stories, The Light Room Gallery is the next step in Light ADL’s journey to becoming an institution for immersive light and art experiences.

The Light Room Gallery is set to become a hub for creativity, offering a space where art, light, and creativity converge to ignite the imagination of visitors and enrich Adelaide’s cultural landscape.

Read the full article by Katelin Rice for GlamAdelaide here.

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