Light ADL renamed to ILA, unveiling new era of immersive art in SA

South Australian venue Light ADL has seen a transformation, officially relaunching as new hub for Immersive Light and Art (ILA).

This evolution marks a significant shift in Adelaide’s cultural landscape, with ILA poised to redefine the way audiences engage with immersive art and technology.

Under its new identity of ILA (Immersive, Light & Art), this venue is set to usher in a new wave of immersive art and experiences.

“The next generation of art is about experiencing things that catch the memory and move the soul. That’s a new age of art, a new world that ILA wants to live in,” ILA’s Chief Executive Officer, Nic Mercer says.

One of the key highlights of ILA’s launch is the world premiere of the groundbreaking digital art film experience titled “Anomalous.” This experimental film, which questions the role of artificial intelligence (AI), screens, and technology, is the first recipient of ILA’s Artist Fund.

Award-winning South Australian creative team Richard Coburn and Justin Astbury have designed “Anomalous” specifically for ILA’s Light Room Studios, featuring a massive 10,000-pixel-wide LED screen.

Coburn describes “Anomalous” as “digital theatre” that surrounds the audience, offering a unique and intimate setting for viewers. The film blends striking imagery, satirical humour, and thought-provoking questions about the future of technology and AI. It’s an exclusive experience that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

“The Light Room is a perfect space to premiere a bespoke film-meets-art experience,” says Coburn. “Anomalous will raise some uncomfortable questions, evoke discussion, and make you wonder just how much of the all-encompassing world of AI is already here.”

The unveiling of “Anomalous” is just the beginning of ILA’s journey into the immersive universe. Over two years of research and development have gone into this project, setting the stage for ILA to become Adelaide’s centre for immersive light and art.

Following the premiere of “Anomalous,” ILA will present an expanded 2024 Adelaide Fringe program across The Lab, Light Room Studio, and Light Room Gallery. The lineup includes prominent performers like Adam Page, Emma Horwood, Rio 40º, and MOZZI. Audiences can also look forward to a range of mesmerizing immersive experiences.

ILA remains committed to its philanthropic origins as a social enterprise and registered charity. The ILA Artist Fund will provide creatives with opportunities to develop cutting-edge works and innovative ways to engage with audiences.

ILA is poised to redefine Adelaide’s cultural landscape, officially launching on Thursday, January 18, 2024. The premiere season of “Anomalous” will run from Saturday, January 20, to Saturday, February 10, 2024, in The Light Room Studio.

Written by Katelin Rice for GlamAdelaide. 

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