Rebooting the muse

Rebooting the Muse: Harnessing digital technologies for sustainability in the Australian performing arts post-COVID-19

Rebooting the Muse advocates new ways of tackling the urgent challenges facing the Australian performing arts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change emergency. The ground-breaking project is funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage scheme grant, and generously supported by the Light Foundation. Project partners include ILA Foundation, University of Adelaide, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Illuminate Adelaide, State Theatre Company of South Australia, and Patch Theatre Company.

Our research explores how new digital technologies can be deployed to offer new audience experiences, and documents the impact on artist and community wellbeing of these innovations. Aside from facilitating cutting-edge creative works, it is hoped that the project will drive a revision of organisational business models to better ensure sustainability across the sector in what has been and continues to be one of the most challenging periods of our time.


Art or Artifice? AI and the current state of creativity.

April 2024

The first of three workshops dedicated to dissecting the impact and future potential of artificial intelligence in the creative sectors. This event encouraged critical dialogue on the synergy between digital technologies and creative futures through a panel discussion led by industry luminaries exploring AI’s multifaceted impact on creators, audiences, and the industry at large.


2022 & 2024

Can artificial intelligence and immersive visual arts technologies enhance live classical performances and enable audiences to connect with artists in a new way? ILA’s PianoLab festival resoundingly answered yes to this question. Over a four-day period the nineteenth-century-technology of the concert grant piano met with twenty-first-century digital technology and audiences where delighted with the outcome.