LAB RATS: Touchdesigner Workshop for Creatives


21 May - 18 June

5.00pm - 8.00pm

Presented by Max Brading across 5 weeks, gain a foundational knowledge of Touchdesigner for creatives of all disciplines, with a focus on interactive and immersive outcomes.

Thanks to a community partnership with Lumo SA, Lab Rats is being reimagined with a renewed focus on creative tech, shared learning and interdisciplinary collaboration. Click here to learn more about ILA’s Lab Rats program.

The newly launched program returns with a series of free to attend skill based workshops. Our vision is to build an inclusive and dynamic community where diverse creatives from various disciplines and backgrounds unite, driven by a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Presenting the first workshop series as part of the newly reimagined Lab Rats is Max Brading with a 5 week program on Touchdesigner.

Max is a multimedia artist specializing in interactive and real time art, immersive media and artistic integration with multimedia systems. With a diverse range of skills including photography, digital design, music and sonic art, interactive installations, performance, and lighting, Max’s experience allows them to connect and create using technology across disciplines. As one of the founding facilitators of the original Lab Rats program, Max facilitated artist talks, workshops and creative performances.
With an extensive knowledge in Touchdesigner, Max will share their experience in creating interactive works, and the process of integrating with The Lab. Over 5 weeks, participants will learn the fundamentals of Touchdesigner, covering visual, audio, 3D and interactivity for use in immersive environments. Each session will provide a platform for you to ask questions, test, collaborate and share with a likeminded community of creatives.

Week 1 [Tues, May 21]:

Introduction to Touchdesigner. Overview of software. Dive into the uses of Noise and Feedback (randomness and recursiveness).

Week 2 [Tues, May 28]:

Interactivity using web camera and Mediapipe (body, face, hand tracking)

Week 3 [Tues, June 4]:

Converting data between types. Video to Audio, Photograph to Sound, Motion capture to visuals etc.

Week 4 [Tues, June 11]:

How to work in 3D. Creating digital worlds.

Week 5 [Tues, June 18]:

Bespoke outcomes. Using what we have learned in the previous sessions to create a custom interactive project using the participants’ content.

For the best outcome and experience it is recommended that you register for all 5 sessions. Doors will open at 5pm for a 5.30pm start. 


REQUIREMENTS: For a hands on interactive experience, if you are able please bring a Windows laptop or portable PC with a 4gb video card or similar. Macbook M1 models are appropriate but may have some software limitations.

Touchdesigner must be installed and activated with a free license.

Shutter Encoder must be installed (free software)

Participants will be asked to provide at least 1 piece of multimedia content. This could be a video, image, audio recording, 3D model or any kind of digital file.

If you do not have access to this equipment and/or software but are still interested in attending we encourage you to come along and be involved.


Lab Rats is an inclusive community program, and we encourage all levels of experience and knowledge to join any and all sessions that peak their interest. Thanks to support from ILA and Lumo SA, these workshops are free to attend however registration to each workshop is required. For the best outcome it is recommended that you register for all 5 sessions.

Tickets: $0


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