South Australian not-for-profit social enterprise ILA (Immersive Light and Art),  formerly Light ADL, is set to launch an artist fund to assist emerging practitioners. The initiative will comprise a share of $50,000, as well as access to ILA facilities, including the Light Room, a film/TV production studio that specialises in mixed reality and virtual production. […]

It’s a new era for South Australian venue Light ADL with the announcement of plans for the next generation of the precinct that will see the hub transform under its new identity of ILA (Immersive, Light & Art) to become Adelaide’s true centre for Immersive Light and Art. In the young and adventurous world of […]

It was goodbye Light ADL and hello ILA (Immersive, Light & Art) as the West End venue unveiled its new branding and identity this week ­– alongside the premiere of locally made immersive digital-art film Anomalous. ILA chief executive officer Nic Mercer said the changes were being launched at a time of “tremendous advancements” for […]

South Australian venue Light ADL has seen a transformation, officially relaunching as new hub for Immersive Light and Art (ILA). This evolution marks a significant shift in Adelaide’s cultural landscape, with ILA poised to redefine the way audiences engage with immersive art and technology. Under its new identity of ILA (Immersive, Light & Art), this […]

West End’s art and culture scene is about to get even better as Light ADL unveiled its newest addition, The Light Room Gallery. Nestled within their 150-year-old venue, this captivating space promises to be a hub for artistic talent in Adelaide. “This versatile space can be transformed into a beautiful exhibition, like the one before […]

Can artificial intelligence and immersive visual arts technologies enhance live classical performances and enable audiences to connect with artists in a new way? ILA’s PianoLab festival resoundingly answered yes to this question. Over a four-day period the nineteenth-century-technology of the concert grant piano met with twenty-first-century digital technology and audiences where delighted with the outcome.  […]