The Lab

Adelaide live music and performance venue, The Lab is the spiritual home of ILA, Adelaide’s centre of immersive light and art, aptly named as it is a laboratory for creatives to explore and create with new immersive technologies. Home to 50sqm of LED screens, The Lab at ILA is a community canvas that champions and empowers creativity, strengthening the cultural fabric of artistic communities.  

Located on the ground floor of ILA, The Lab is a multi-functional, multi-genre immersive performance and events space with a curated program ensuring a full range of artists are able to experiment with ever-evolving technology and lead live performance in entirely new directions.  

From bands to DJS, theatre to dance, The Lab has held over 500 performances, curated by our team with diversity, creativity and exciting new ideas prioritised above standing reputations. The Lab also facilitates experimentation, allowing artists time and access to play with new ideas and develop work, underwriting the risk of trying something new.  

Featured Shows

Mondo Psycho and The Night Terrors

05 July

Big Yawn, No News & Georgia Oatley

06 July

MGC Presents: /‘ɛks/

12 July

Adverse Reign presents Word on the Street Vol 2.

13 July



JUNE 14 - JUNE 15

PianoLab is a two-day festival that defies boundaries, reimagining both the piano and the recital within the immersive digital setting of ILA.  

In this second iteration of the festival, PianoLab 2024 explores the relationship between nineteenth-century instrumentation, twenty-first-century technology, and creative new ideas.  


JULY 5 - JULY 13

A dynamic series of cutting-edge local and national acts and immersive live music experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else in Adelaide.

Across two weekends in July, light and sound will converge with a focus on technological interplay, experimentation, and commanding performances. Expect hypnotic rhythm, movement, and sound paired with dynamic visuals basking in the glow of The Lab’s jaw dropping 50sqm of LED screens.

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