Fri & Sat

16 Feb - 16 Mar

8pm - 9pm

A sequel to ‘In The Belly of The Beast’ by Miles Dunne, Max Brading and Lily Potger

METAHUMAN invites participants into an immersive experience, granting control over a symbiotic human/machine hybrid. Through this dynamic interaction, audiences shape an evolving choreography of movement, sound and vision, exploring the synergy between humanity and technology in an emergent and captivating spectacle.

A sequel to Miles Dunne and Max Brading’s SALA performance ‘In The Belly of The Beast,’ METAHUMAN is a state of the art performance that utilises the immersive LED volume of The Lab to transport audiences into a techno future where humans and machines merge in a symbiotic choreography. As you move through the space, discover unique interactions that influence the show, rippling and effecting the room.

Tickets: $25


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