MoZzi x Inkatja: A New Moon

Thurs - Sun

7 March - 10 March

6.30pm - 7.30pm

Award winning visual storytelling masterpiece returns to the Fringe. ‘A New Moon’ is the second iteration of creator Dre Ngatokorua’s multimedia production MoZzi X Inkatja.

This show takes the audience on a journey about Inkatja’s life; a young girl on the mission, through Law and Law, to community leader as MoZzi tells the story through music, Traditional art projections, historical imagery and his unique narration. During this show, audience members will be immersed in the artwork of Lavene ‘Inkatja’ as her paintings inspired by Adnyamathanha culture are brought to life through floor-to-ceiling animations. This experience is paired with music and narration of Dre ‘MoZzi’. This project has multiple benefits, viewers will gain historic knowledge about the Stolen Generation and life at the Umeewarra Mission near Port Augusta in South Australia.

★★★★★ “I felt the sincere and earnest desire of these two artists to express this big story, which encompasses the law, stolen generations, faith and identity.” Upside News.

Tickets: $27


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